Copilot for Microsoft 365

Introducing Microsoft Copilot: AI-Powered Chat with Commercial Data Protection

February 01, 20241 min read

Microsoft Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat Enterprise, is an AI-powered chat tool that empowers users to do their best work safely. With Copilot, employees can elevate their creativity and productivity while protecting their business data.

Employees want AI-powered chat, but companies have data security and privacy concerns

While 92% of technical professionals and business decision makers have used or tried an AI tool or service, companies have concerns about data security and privacy.

Employees using AI-powered chat through public web services may be putting corporate data at risk.

Some large corporations have even discouraged employees from using AI tools because of data leakage risks.

With Copilot, chat data is not saved, there is no eyes-on access, and chat data is not used to train the model. This means that your data is protected and secure. Copilot is available with eligible Microsoft 365 licenses, with commercial data protection available at no additional cost.

Eligible Microsoft 365 and Office 365 users can start using Copilot with commercial data protection today by contacting the team at Bondgate IT

In conclusion, Microsoft Copilot offers a powerful and protective AI-powered chat tool that enables employees to work more efficiently while keeping their data secure. Start using Copilot today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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